SwitcheroO Trackball

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Ergonomic design for full quality comfort!

Fully switch adapted!

Left and Right handed user modes available!

Easy to use and set up - simply connect to a USB port and you are ready to go. That easy!

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SwitcheroO Trackball

This is the ultimate substitute of the standard computer mouse. Its design allows you to naturally rest your hand without effort or becoming sore. It is easy to manipulate and the buttons can be pressed without changing the pointer position, making it more precise and stable than a standard computer mouse.

The SwitcheroO TrackBall is 'switch-adapted', meaning it comes with 3 input jacks on the side into which you can plug standard external switches to control every click function.

It is compatible with any system that has a standard USB port. Just plug & play.

SwitcheroO Trackball has 3 working modes:

  • Mode 1 - Standard button function (left button clicks; right button shows menu)
  • Mode 2 - Reverse button function (left button shows menu; right button clicks)
  • Mode 3 - External button function (on-board buttons are disabled; jack plugs are enabled)

You can easily change the mode anytime while using the trackball. 

The small middle button (grey color) has the drag-lock function. The drag-lock function allows you to activate drag by simply hitting the switch once and without having to hold down the button while you drag the selected item on the screen. When you have finished the drag, you can press the switch again to deactivate drag function and resume normal use.

SwitcheroO Trackball provides you the best quality comfort to minimize fatigue. Switch adapted and with great precision, this trackball makes you a winner on all accounts.


1 x SwitcheroO Trackball

1 x Instructions

Other info:

New. Full working condition. Quality control check

Dimensions: 8.5 cm x 15 cm x 4 cm (3.4''  x 5.9'' x 1.6'')

2 years Warranty

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